John`s Gourmet Foodservice is delivering our product to our customers directly fresh from farms, growers and other direct sources around the world. Our farmers and growers range from USA, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, China and Japan. Our dairy and herbs are coming from USA, France, Italy, Greece, Mexico, India, China and Japan. Through diversifying of our grower regions and suppliers and with managing products seasonally we can offer a wide variety of products and ensure the highest quality. Our diligent involvement throughout the importation and our logistic process allows us to ensure that the product is handled with care from the moment the product is harvested, up until the final destination.

With over 50 years of invaluable combined experience in the fresh fruit, vegetable and dairy industry, John`s Gourmet Foodservice continues to earn its reputation for excellence.

John`s Gourmet Foodservice goal is to establish greater national and global presence to be able to bring even larger variety of the product to our customers` doorsteps.

What We Offer

Our freshness and high quality speak for itself. Our customers are delighted with our product quality and our strict quality assurance process.

Highest quality

The quality of our products is unmatchable because of our strict quality assurance process.

Timely delivery

What we promise, we deliver! We have built long-lasting and trusted relationship with renowned chefs as their main produce supplier. We can schedule your time delivery window to best suit your business day schedule.


Convenience! We have implemented and reinvented the ordering system and it has never been as easy as it is now. Customer has the power of ordering underneath their fingertips. Using our web page or by downloading our App. our customers can not only place, review, adjust the order…

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